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I think the Lions greens keeper is hurt too

Watch out. It might pull a hammy too.

Seriously, this seems like it has been an especially grueling training camp so far...or at least if would have been if anybody had been healthy enough to participate in it.


Maybe that's an exaggeration, but...


Mikel Leshoure gone for the season with a torn achilles tendon injury.


Titus Young, out with a hamstring injury, the first day.


Nick Fairly, out with a broken foot the first week.


Calvin Johnson, out with a bruised shoulder after the first game.


Jahvid Best, out with a concussion after the second game.


Jeff Backus, out with a chest injury before training camp even starts.


Gosder Cherilus has been playing while trying to recoup from microfracture surgery on one of his knees.


The list goes on and on and on...and yet people are still on the Lions bandwagon heading into this season.  You have to wonder if there isn't something in the water down there at Allen Park.  Is there something funny going on with this new "field turf" stuff? 


Sometimes being a lions fan is a lot like watching ER....I'd say Grey's Anatomy...but we don't have cheerleaders.


Some of it most likely has to do with the lock out and players not being able to work out with their normal trainers and top notch facilities.  Some it probably also has a little to do with players not having anyone looking over their shoulders for an 100+ days during the labor strife.


Most of it is, most likely, just Lions luck.  And Lions luck is a most powerful is a power of pure evil meant to fill you with hope and then rip out your soul.


Last year the Green Bay Packers were annihilated with injuries and their depth showed through and they won it all.  The reason so many people are still professing great things for the Leos is that they have built a fair amount of depth in the last few there's hope...but is it real or just the "Lions" variety.


Here's hoping that all of these "injuries" are more precautions than ailments and here's hoping, more than ever, that the Lions follow suit in everything else the Packers did last season.