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Lions take no prisoners in completely meaningless game!

	Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI

I realize that the Lions looked incredible.  That they smacked and beat and pushed down and called Tom Brady's mama names.  


I realize that they scored a lot on the Patriots defense and our second stringers, one play aside, looked good enough to play "The Brady's" first string and kick their tushes...


But, you know what?  Doesn't mean a damn thing.


It doesn't matter how many tears that Tom shed because The Kong and the boys were really, really mean to him.


In one week's time everybody's records will be 0-0.


Yes, the Lions starters looked good against the New England starters and when they left the score was 17-3....if you want to hang your hat on that, so be it, but last year the Lions were up 17-10 at the half against these same Patriots and you know what the final score was? 45-24....and the Lions weren't the team with the bigger number.  So a good half of play doesn't actually mean squat...even in the real season.


Here's what we hope we can take away from this game.


1. Stafford only took one hit and managed to get back up from it with all of his limbs and faculties completely functional.  Not only that, dude looks smoking hot.  12 of 14 with a drop and just an awesome defensive effort? 


2. The defensive line can get a ton of pressure and all of the starters weren't even playing.


3. Willie Young played with the ones and still looked really fast.


4. Perriman...oops, I mean Burleson looks like he's going to have a monster season.


5. Aaron Brown looks too damned fast to cut.


Lastly, everybody has been complaining about the new kicking rules...I think the Lions are finally ahead of the curve on something.  It's stupid to just bang the kick out of the back of the endzone every time when you can do what Hanson and the Lions did on Saturday night.


I once had an argument with a close friend that Hanson was getting too old and losing leg strength because he rarely ever kicked touchbacks.  I was corrected, the short kicks were supposedly by design, because while, yes, some kicks can be returned for touchdowns...others can be fumbled or well covered and pin the offensive deep inside their own ten...there are in fact just as many good things that can happen as bad on a kickoff--and now the coverage team is an additional five yards closer!  Now, a good coverage unit can pin the opposition at least inside their own 15 instead of the twenty.