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Now let's line it up for real.

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I have a new slogan for the 2011 season, "Just shut up and show us."


The preseason is over's history.  That 4-0 record now means bunk...just like I've been saying all along.  The Lions currently sport an undefeated record of 0-0.  They haven't won anything, they've lost just as much.


The Leos played their fourth preseason game exactly right.  For as much as the first and second stringers played....I'm kind of surprised they made the trip at all.  The first stringers played a massive four plays, the second string didn't play much seven minutes left in the first quarter the entire bench was emptied.  Stafford had a big gainer to Calvin Johnson...and then they were both gone....evaporated like water on a hot summer day...There were no stretchers, no air casts, no x-rays or MRI's.  There was no need to talk to any medical staff at all.  This was a major victory, especially with Detroit's awful history of bumbles in the final preseason games there.


I don't think the Schwartz has made a smarter move in his entire tenure than giving everybody the hook so fast, but the 16-6 victory doesn't exactly mean all that much for the guys who'll be lining up next week in Tampa Bay.  The biggest win of the night was the fact that we never saw a cart...there were no significant injuries at all.


The coaching staff will begin making final cuts today as the roster must be cut down to 53 by 6 pm on Saturday.  Maurice Stovall may have locked up a spot with his sixteen yard touchdown reception from Shaun Hill in the second quarter and Jerome Harrison certainly didn't hurt himself with multiple big rushes.


The punting battle may come down to salary cap differences as Nick Harris would be scheduled to make a million dollars more than rookie Ryan Donahue this season.


Willie Young continued to look impressive with another sack and a lot of pressures.


The third stringers played three and a half quarters and I'm sure that a lot of players, especially on the D-line won jobs due to their exceptional performances--the team didn't give up a score until late in the fourth quarter...but those jobs just won't be for the Lions.  For the first time in over ten years, the Lions look to be stacked with talent.  They are deep at most positions.  For the first time since the Barry Sanders era, the Lions will be cutting players who'll be quickly snatched up by other teams.


That's awesome.  Depth wins championships...the preseason doesn't.