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Heath Evans is a moron

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Former New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans has retired from football and gone on to become an analyst for the NFL Network.

Evans played for four franchises over his 10 NFL seasons.  He played in 143 games, scored 4 rushing TD's and 4 receiving TD's.  He rushed for 579 yards and caught 57 passes for 439 yards.  He never went to a probowl. 

Now, a lot of these mediocre numbers can be overlooked because in the NFL the fullback is a dying position and the the value players in this line of work bring to the table simply doesn't show up in the stat sheets.

But these still are pretty mediocre numbers...which of course says nothing about the man's overall intelligence. 

And I don't know enough about him to gauge how intelligent he is at all.

Here's what I do know...twice over the last week Evans has taken not pot shots, but well aimed bazooka shots at the Detroit Lions.  He states that the team will be exposed against Tampa Bay in week 1.  He states that he doesn't think the teaming of QB Matthew Stafford and Jim Schwartz has really shown nothing to date to garner the national publicity they've gotten this offseason.

Maybe I agree with that a bit.  I am all about the "shut up and show me."  I'm tired of hearing all the talk.

But the rest of his arguments are pretty much bunk.  He claims that Matthew Stafford is no better than rookie first overall pick Cam Newton.  He claims that the Tampa Bay defense is light years ahead of Detroit's.

He obviously has a bias towards the NFC South (where he played half of his career) and the SEC (Auburn in particular, where both he and Cam Newton played) as he continually tries to boost both his division and Newton in particular.

But even that doesn't bother me all that much.  The reason I think that Evans is a moron is because he's trying to use the oldest trick in the book to get himself some legitimacy.  He's coming out strongly, vehemently against the going trend in the NFL.  The Lions, for some reason, are the NFL's media darlings this season and talking out about them and denouncing them will get him instant recognition. 

If he ends up being right, and the Leos do fold over and wither they have for so many seasons...Evans will be lauded for "going against the grain."  He will be considered insightful and to have a "great football acumen."

If he's wrong...he'll either disappear or the world will shrug and say "Who knew the Lions would come through?" even though prognosticators all over the country are calling it now.

And furthermore, these ARE the Lions.  What have we seen for almost 50 years?  Collapse after collapse after collapse.  Evans is betting with history.

Maybe he's not a "complete" moron...