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LeShoure out for season, Fairly out for a month...what was I excited about again?

AP Photo....touched up a bit by me.
For the most part the NFL world has acknowledged that the Detroit Lions are "on the verge" of becoming a playoff team.  This excitement was based primarily on two factors, first, the four game winning streak the Leos put together to end the season and, second, a very strong draft class in 2011....

Now the first three picks in that class, the three that are actually supposed to really contribute, are all injured.  Leshoure, the hard hitting bruiser of a back that everybody was excited about in training camp, popped an achilles tendon and will be gone for the season.  Nick Fairly broke his foot on one of the first days of camp...he'll miss the entire preseason.  Titus Young, the fleet footed WR who was supposed to stretch the field, pulled a hammy...stretching for the first practice, I think...nobody's seen him on the field since.

So the draft class to this point is a total bust.

But I'll still hold out hope...and no, not just because I'm stupid.

No last year's four game winning streak to end the season wasn't even piloted by Matthew Stafford...and Stafford is coming back strong.  The defensive back seven has been retooled.  They've brought in CB Erik Wright and MLB Stephen Tulloch and S Eric Coleman...these are upgrades to a defense that was starting to gel pretty nice at the end of the year.

All is not lost yet....give it a few days...