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Leos win bigger than 27-20 score indicates

Cliff Welch/Icon SMI

I have been a fan for the Lions fro a long, long time.  I became a superfan when this really funny charismatic overweight coach got the "interim" tag removed from his title and he drafted this short little dude named Barry Sanders.  I have known the elation of the '91 season and my faith and trust and hope have been repeatedly bludgeoned ever since.

I have been tricked.  I have been led on.  I have been fooled.  I have been heartbroken and i have been distraught and disgusted.

When the Lions were up by 14 in the fourth quarter...I was still wondering how they were going to give this game away.

And they didn't.

In point of fact, the Lions should have won this game by a much bigger margin.  Possibly by 21 or more points. 

Brandon Pettigrew dropped a touchdown in the endzone.  The Lions had two awful, stupid penalties by Stephen Peterman and Gosder Cherilus.  One that pretty much ended a drive and the other gave Tampa an extra 30 seconds to try and come back.  A ball bounced off the hands of Tony Scheffler into the hands of Aqib Talib who returned it for a touchdown.  The Bucs returned the opening kickoff to the Lions 20 yard line or so.

Take away all that bad luck, bad play, and a little downright stupidity and the Leo's utterly destroy the Bucs.

The Bucs didn't manage their first first down until well into the second quarter.  They went into the half up 20-13 and 10 of the Bucs points were pretty much hand delivered by the Lions.

The defense was dominant early, but did kind of fade as the 95 degree heat and 1 billion percent humidity sapped the life out of everybody as they went into the fourth quarter.

Stafford was 24 of 33 for 305 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception--and that interception bounced off of Scheffler's hands.  Pettigrew also let one go through his hands that would have been a touchdown...his 118.9 QB actually less than it could have been...

Wow, how long has it been said in Detroit that we "haven't had a real quarterback since Bobby Lane?"

Now, granted there were still A LOT of things the Lions need to improve on after this minimizing the bone headed after the whistle penalties and improving a mediocre running game that simply wasn't able to grind out the tough yards to end the game, but that's probably the most exciting part about this victory...they can still do a ton better!

Wow, I've got to stop and take a breath...the Lions are actually getting my hopes up again...

So how are they going to lose to Kansas City this week?