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It's been quiet in the Den

Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI - This is the guy that could really hurt the Lions.

So far this week, the Lions have been saying all the right things about their upcoming game with the Kansas City other words, they've been keeping their mouths shut.

Yes, the Chiefs were annihilated by the Buffalo Bills at home...The Chiefs, who were 10-6 and a playoff team last year...were smoked by the Buffalo Bills, who many were predicting would find some way to win negative games this home...

And this week those Chiefs come to the friendly confines of Ford Field.

It would have been easy for the Lions to shrug off the end of last week's scrum with the Buccaneers, which made the game much, much closer than it should have been.  Older versions of the Honolulu Blue would be talking about how "you don't get extra points for style" or "a win is a win"....instead this team has only reiterated what many fans's nice to win, but they have to play better...much, much better.

The Chiefs had a massive wake up call in their drubbing against the Bills.  They are going to come in on fire...trying everything possible to show what a good team they are despite their less than stellar performance.  For the Chiefs, week one was a fluke...and they aim to bounce back with a vengeance.

That means that Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe are going to be looking to score...a lot.  And to show up the Lions as much as possible.

Yes, the Lions managed to hold the Bucs to a measly 56 yards rushing last Sunday, but one of the knocks coming into the season was the team's less than consistent run defense.  The Chiefs' Jamaal Charles is a completely different back than Bucs' LaGarette Blount.  Blount is a big pounding workhorse.  Charles is a one cut burner.  If a guy like Charles gets a crease that is not properly filled by a linebacker, there is no catching him.

The Lions still have a lot to worry about.

DET Defense vs KC Offense

The Chiefs gave up three turnovers in their game against Buffalo..and they were barely able to cobble together a 100 yards rushing as a team.  They also gave up two sacks and Cassell was under a lot of pressure for most of the day.

You simply can't count on turnovers and all it takes is a few inches of daylight for Charles to score.

On the other hand, Detroit's defensive front is a lot better than the Bills...if the Chiefs do not correct their protection issues Matt Cassel might have to be picked up off the field with a straw.

Advantage Detroit

KC Defense vs Det Offense

The big news for Kansas City this week is that all-universe safety Eric Berry has been lost for the season.  This means that Detroit TE Brandon Pettigrew could have a stellar day.  Look for the Lions to continue using Jahvid Best to keep the defense honest and also out in the flat, where he can do the most damage against a CB or...perhaps a not all-universe safety.

Also, I expect the Stafford to Johnson train to keep picking up steam.

Advantage Detroit

Prediction Detroit 28, Kansas City 14.

It should be a lot closer than the whole world is predicting...all this talk about the Lions being really, really good and possibly being 3-0 heading into Dallas is all "jinx-talk" in my book.  Which is what I've loved most about the Lions this week...they haven't bought into their hype at all.  They've kept their mouths shut and are ready to show it on the field.