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Shhh....Lions are rolling....Don't be hatin'

Photo by SMI

For years, seriously more than a decade, I was the main driver of the Lions bandwagon.  People would come to me and ask me questions about the team...and I would give them answers tinged with a Honolulu blue blood ran so blue that I loved the hiring of Matt "I can run your team into the ground in less than four notes" Millen.  I remember the arguments about how he had absolutely no experience...but he had five super bowl rings and "knew" what it took to be a winner....

Yeah, I was pretty damned stupid back then...

But Millen eventually wore me down...he battered and bludgeoned me with his incompetence and arrogance and when the Ford's were so "wise" as to give him a four year extension after posting the worst four year run in NFL history...I held my heart like Sanford..."Oh my Lord!  I'm comin' to see ya, Elizabeth!"

And I handed over the reigns to the bandwagon to the other faithful...

It's been 54 years since 1957...and the Lions have shown us a thousand new ways to lose and crush your spirit...

Which is why...I am so excited about this team...and so incredibly scared.

Yes, the Lions are 2-0...and they've won each game rather impressively.  (The Bucs score was a lot closer than the game was.)

A 48-3 emasculation of the Chiefs...the biggest regular season win in franchise being tempered by my Lions experience.  I can see why the whole world is excited by this year's success...but I can still see reasons to be be cautious.

Yes, Best and Stafford have both looked impressive...but I'm still holding my breath on every play that they'll get back up after the whistle.

The Bucs win was supposed to be impressive, a victory over a team that was 10-6 last season with an up and coming young quarterback and defense...a lot like the Lions...

But this week, the Bucs almost lost to the maybe that team was a little overrated.

And this week, they beat up the Chiefs...but in the first half the Chiefs were running the ball at will on the Lions defense...and it really, really had me worried until Jamaal Charles went out with a knee injury.

If the Lions can't stop Charles, how are they going to do next week against Adrian Peterson?

You see, even with a 48-3 victory...I'm a Lions fan....I've still got something to be scared about.