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The Road of Bones begins this weekend

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2-0...and not just 2-0, but impressive national media attention getting wins. The Lions did a lot of ending streaks last year...namely losing streaks....losing in general...losing on the road...managing to win consecutive games...

Now let's end some significant streaks. How about winning in Washington, that hasn't been done since 1937. How about a victory at San Francisco, hasn't been done since 1975. How about a win at the horrid house of Lambeau...hasn't been done since 1991.

And most importantly...What about a victory at Minnesota, that hasn't been done since 1997.

Or how about just winning a road game against a divisional opponent, that hasn't been done in three years.

The Lions can do both of these this weekend as they travel to land of Mall of America to play the 0-2 and faltering Vikings. 

You have to like their chances too, but as long as everything points to another lopsided Lions victory, the Lions have shown throughout history that they'll prove you other words...they CAN find a way to lose.

Furthermore, even though the Lions are saying all of the right things about it "only being two games", all of the national media attention has also historically been bad news for the Honolulu Blue. 

Min offense vs Det Defense

In the first half of the blowout victory over the Chiefs, Kansas City showed that they could run the ball on the edge against the Lions.  Jamaal Charles had two rushes for 27 yards...his first rush was for 25 yards and his second, on which he got hurt, was only for two yards...but it was for a first down.

Adrian Peterson is bigger, stronger and faster than what the Lions have seen so far. 

And although, the Lions have ususally done a pretty respectable job in stopping the perennial probowler, he could do some serious damage to the Lions.

On the other hand...Peterson appears to be the only worry that the Vikings really feature.  Donovan McNabb has so far shown himself to be a faint ghost of his former self...there is no longer any Sidney Rice and for some reason Percy Harvin only gets on the field about half of the time.

If the Lions can contain AP...Suh may dismember McNabb...perhaps several times on Sunday.

Advantage: Detroit

Min Defense vs Det Offense

Minneota DT Kevin Williams returns from a two game suspension...DT Pat Williams is out of football...DE Ray Edwards left via free agency....I guess what I'm trying to say is that vaunted defensive front doesn't exist anymore.  The Vikings do feature a couple of good corners though...but not enough to deal with all of Detroit's weapons...

I think this is another...

Advantage: Detroit

Prediction: Lions 28 Vikings 10

I really hate picking the Lions though...especially with their history of playing at Minnesota and their inability to get a road win in the division in THREE YEARS....but I can't help it, once again all evidence points to another nasty, long and embarrassing streak coming to an end.