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I'm hearing echoes as the Lions win again, 26-23 OT SMI Calvin may still be dancing

It was 20-3 with a little over seven minutes left in the fourth quarter.  The Lions were the Minnesota Vikings....They'd been completely stymied by the Minnesota Defense for the entire first half...

And then they roared back with 21 unanswered points for an incredible victory....behind Rodney Peete, Barry Sanders, and Robert Clark and Willie Green (the color of money.)

The year was 1991...

Now, I'm not saying the Lions are going to go 12-4 and march on to the NFC Championship game....but do you see any similarities?

I can't say I wasn't worried when the Lions went down 20-0 to the Vikings.  I can say that I do wonder if this victory doesn't have more to do with the Vikings recent history of second half collapses than it does with the Lions playing incredibly well in the second half.

It occurs to me that the Vikings are just really, really poorly coached.  The first week of the season, the Vikings were up 17-7 at the half...and lost.  Last week they were up 17-0 at half and...guess what...lost.  So when they went up 20-0 on the Lions...yes, there was an inkling in the back of my mind that this probably wasn't going to be over.

But I also expected that the Lions would be the team that the Vikings would finally make some second half corrections against and fix their failing problems...but that didn't happen.

The Lions came out strong in the second half...first Matt Stafford hit Calvin Johnson on a 32 yd TD pass that proved that Johnson may in fact be uncoverable one on one.  One of the announcers said that "it just wasn't fair." and that to even things up, "Calvin Johnson should only be able to jump with one foot in the redzone."

Then there was field goal and another Johnson TD catch and another field goal and another and the Lions were up 23-20 deep in the fourth quarter...almost in the blink of an eye...

This was an awesome victory...and it was the kind of victory that coaches love...because there's still a ton of stuff to yell about.

First of all, what happened in the first half? They got down by 20 freakin' points!  They didn't do a very good job stopping the run, special teams was really bad and the Lions gave up FIVE sacks...this was an offensive line that hadn't given up a sack all year...and they didn't provide much of a run game all day. 

So, at least we know that Stafford can take a hit..Jared Allen recorded three sacks....what is Demarcus Ware going to next week at Dallas?

But that's next week...this week the Leo's are 3-0 and bringing back good memories of the greatest Lions season in 50 years...that team didn't even go 3-0...