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Down with America's Team!

Ray Carlin/Icon SMI Romo has broken ribs, hopefully the Lions can break the rest of him.

Let me first start off by saying that I've always hated the title "America's Team."

I think it's pompous and egotistical and frankly rude to the other 31 teams in the league.

I have a long list of reasons for hating the Dallas Cowboys. 

1. Emmit Smith...seriously people?  Do you really think he was better than Barry?  I think the argument is laughable.

2. The 1990's...that was supposed to be the Lions decade!  It started off in 1991 when the Lions managed their only playoff victory in 50 years in a 38-6 pounding of the Cowboys...then what happens?  The Lions get trounced in the NFC Championship game...Dallas goes on to become a dynasty and the Lions have been laughing stocks ever since.

3. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders...ok, so maybe they were the first ones...but they seem to be pretty run of the mill now around the league...of course we don't have ANY cheerleaders in Detroit so....I hate Dallas for this too.

4. Jessica Simpson....Tony?  What did you do to that girl?

But this is a new teams....Detroit is 3-0 and currently national media darlings...the Cowboys are 2-1 and struggling to finish off games or protect Tony Romo.

Detroit Offense vs Dallas Defense

This is probably the primo battle of the day.  It may all boil down to Demarcus Ware vs Jeff Backus...the same Backus who was torched from three sacks against Jared Allen just a few short days ago.    The Lions may have to chip and double team and bazooka Ware to make sure he doesn't get 10 sacks on Sunday...but beyond that...

The Cowboys have nobody who can cover Calvin Johnson and I don't think the 'Boys have had to face a passing attack the likes of Detroit yet this season...

I sincerely don't think that Dallas has faced an offense as good as the Lions yet.  Mark Sanchez to Santonio Holmes is pedestrian in comparison to Stafford to Johnson....Alex Smith to Micheal Crabtree...please....Rex Grossman, the Lions are a whole new animal for the Cowboys to face.

This sounds pretty cocky, I know...which really makes me fear this is a trap game...against the Cowboys?  How can that be a trap?

Advantage Detroit

Dallas Offense vs Detroit Defense

 Tony Romo is nursing a punctured lungs and a broken you think that the Kong isn't aware of this?  Miles Austin may not even play.  Dallas is having problems with their center and their offensive line in general...again, do you think that Corey Williams, KVB and Cliff Avril aren't licking their chops to get to Romo?

I fully expect Dez Bryant to hurt the Lions at least once and for Jason Witten to be a problem all day...unless Suh has Romo for lunch...

Advantage Detroit

Prediction Lions 17 Cowboys 14