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Matt Stafford throws 2 more TD's as Lions beat down Bears

Icon SMI - Best broke loose too.

Now, I know it was the Madden player in me, but I was a little disappointed that the Lions didn't try to get Calvin Johnson another TD catch at the end of the game--making it 5 weeks in a row with two TD catches--instead, holding a 21-13 lead with 2 minutes remaining, they kicked a field goal...Wouldn't 28-13 have been just as clinching as 24-13?

But that's nitpicking. 

In fact, I'm beginning to think that playing in the first half for the Lions is "nitpicking,"  because who cares about the first half, when you can turn it on and blow everybody out in the second half?  The Lions are 5-0!  For the first time since 1956!  Of course, as you all know in 1956, the Lions started 5-0, but finished 9-3 and missed the was 1957 when the Lions won their last championship.

For the third week in a row, the Lions have gone into the half down...but have come out of the half on fire each week too.  This is a legitimate playoff contender that can send wave after wave of above average to downright dominating defensive lineman at every offense.  This D-line is NINE players deep.  Jay Cutler was running all night long.

In fact, I really gained a lot of respect for Cutler and his improvisation skills, because he got a lot done on every play and I'm willing to bet that 98% of all his plays were broken plays.

The big knock against the Lions this season, other than the fact that they don't wake up until the second half, has been a lack of a running game.  On Monday night, Jahvid Best came to play.  163 rushing yards.  His first career 100 yard game.  OK...sure most of that came on an 88 yard run up the gut and most of the rest came on a 43 yard run off tackle...take out those 131 yards and he rushed 9 times for 32 yards....not too impressive...but, in the end...he averaged over 10 yards a run.

And as close as the final score really wasn't that close.  This is coming from a fan who has watched a lifetime of "moral victories" and "one score losses."  The Lions dominated this game....really the whole game...even though they were down 10-7 at the half...there was never a point where you didn't think that the Lions weren't really in complete control.

And this was against last years division champion!

The Lions have a really good team...they're proving it every week with WINS...not moral victories...not close losses...get ready for a long fun ride...

Next week the 49'ers come to Ford Field, a place that vibrated people last night, to face the Leos...the Lions have a bad, bad history against the Niners over the last 20 years...but this is a year from breaking trends and smashing streaks...Even if the 9'ers are 4-1...I still like the chances of a 5-0 Detroit Lions team at home...

Crap....they've tricked me again...I've drunk the koolaid...I'm on the bandwagon....again....thanks for taking me back.