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Lions vs Bengals...PreSeason Opener!

Photo by Andre Jackson - Detroit Free Press

It doesn't mean squat.  

Seriously, anyone who tells you preseason games matters is probably trying to sell you a ticket he got stuck with.

There are some things to watch for of course, but nothing to really get all that excited about.

Here are 5 things to keep an eye on during the first quarter...


1. At the end of the first Matthew Stafford still able to stand?  Is his arm in any kind of protective sleeve?  If not, the Lions have already won the game.

2.  How does the new secondary play together.  I've heard lots of rumors that Amari Spievey may beat out the free agent S Eric Coleman the Lions signed this offseason...if he does, that's really good.  How are Chris Houston and Erik Wright playing together, because that's going to be the starting tandem for most of the season.

But, if they are playing awesome....remember they're only playing against rookie QB Andy Dalton in his first ever game action...don't get too excited (see top of this article).

3. Has Suh gotten suspended for unnecessary roughness yet?  I'm sorry, but I have a really firm belief this is going to happen this year.  I love the intensity that he plays with...but at the end of last season, the refs were looking for him. 

4.  How are the running backs doing?  And not Jahvid Best (although make sure he's not hurt either).  But the other guys, Mike Bell, Jerome Harrison and Ian any of them run hard enough to be a goal line back?  Don't look at how they run through open do they run when there is no hole, because that's what it's going to be like in short yardage and goal line.

5. Who's playing offensive tackle for the Lions?  Seriously, who?  I want to know.  Backus is out.  Cherilus is out.  Jason Fox is out....who's playing tackle on either side?  Which brings me back to the number one thing to watch...Is Stafford still able to stand?


Enjoy the games guys...but don't get too excited.