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Crowd can't overcome Lions lousy play

Icon SMI - Another Win, just a little too far out of reach

When the Lions weren't blocking...or being blocked...or missing open receivers or dropping passes, they were busy taking dumb penalties.

This was the kind of game that beckoned back to the inglorious days of "same old Lions."  The hallmark of "same old Lions" is this: Less than three minutes left, down by seven or eight and needing a touchdown to tie...never a field goal...which is exactly where the Lions were again yesterday.

The complaints this year about the Lions have routinely gone back to the teams inability to run...with the loss of Jahvid Best last week the Lions decided to prove the world right...they CANNOT run the ball.  Kieland Williams looked pretty good on a couple of they took him out.

But it really wasn't a problem with the running backs at all, although it may have been a problem with the coaches continually calling running plays when the team was showing so efficiently that they have less chance of being a running team as the Detroit Pride have of getting invitations to the Ford Family Christmas party.  The problem was the blocking or lack there of. 

Jim Schwartz may have had something last year when he said that Jeff Backus was the best tackle in the NFC North last season...this year....Backus has looked his age or worse....and the rest of the line isn't fairing any better.  There is no running game, because it looks as if the guys on the line don't believe that they can run the ball.

Oh...and the defense can't stop the run either.  The Lions may have the most fear inducing, dominating defensive line in the NFL.  It is a line that, at times, has looked like it simply cannot be blocked...which is something that opposing offenses have almost come to instead they trick the D-lineman into overrunning plays and filling wrong gaps.  The Lions are giving up way too much on the ground and are being skewered by the quick passing game.

During the 5-0 start, the defensive backs were playing up on opposing receivers, now, inexplicably they have started playing back more often than not.

Here is the argument I am going to raise....the Lions are looking an awful lot like the 2007 edition.  They started off 6-2....beating the living snot out of the Denver Broncos....then went on to lose the next 24 games...The Lions built the 5-0 record by beating some run of the mill teams and the majority of the remainder of this year's schedule is against the primo teams in the NFL. 

This week, they go to Denver and should come out 6-2...