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The Tebow awaits Lions atop the mountain....

The old saying goes, "It's easy to be a holy man on top of the mountain."  I don't think that anybody was thinking of Mile High Stadium when this saying became famous...but up there in that stadium lives the likes  of the newly anointed Bronco QB, Tim Tebow.

Rarely has the ever been a quarterback that has been so wildly popular with the fans and so wildly unpopular with people actually working in the game.  The Fans see a very high character guy with amazing athletic tools.  Football people see a tightend who wants to play quarterback and has a three day release on his passes.

The Tebow machine ramped up the rpm's last week as the Broncos were able to come back from a 15-0 deficit against the Dolphins to win 18-15.  A very promising, exciting game...but....

It was the 0-6 Dolphins, guys...and they were down 15-0 to perhaps the worst team in the NFL.  That doesn't bode well for the guys formerly known as the Orange Crush.

Denver Offense vs Detroit Defense

This  is going to be all about Tebow...can the Lions stop him?  Traditionally, the Lions have had really big problems stopping mobile quarterbacks.  Mike Vick eats them alive...Daunte Culpepper owned them...Donavon McNabb...well, the Lions handled him pretty good this year.  The Broncos are without on of their top RB's, Willis McGahee (remember when the Lions were going to have the second overall pick and were destined to pick McGahee?)...and they just traded away their best wide receiver. 

It's not that I think Tim Tebow isn't any good, even though I kind of do think that, it's the fact that the Broncos have no weapons.  Who are their wideouts?  Moe and Curly? 

The Lions will have to ratchet up their defense in any case.  Last week, once again, the Lions pushed the pocket a lot, but did not manage to put the quarterback in the dirt nearly enough.  This has to change this week.

Advantage: Detroit

Denver Defense vs Detroit Offense

Even with the anemic running game the Lions have been trotting out for this entire season, which doesn't appear to be about to change as Jahvid Best is still doubtful for this game, the Lions should be in good shape in this game.  The Broncos defense is 21st rated defense in the league and is giving up approximately 40% of 3rd down conversions.

The Broncos also feature a very good, but very old secondary.  Calvin Johnson should still be able to get another hundred yards and a touchdown. 

Advantage: Detroit


Typically, I hate doing this.  I hate throwing the jinx on the Lions...but I'm doing it.  They are a far better team than the 2-4 Broncos with their holy show pony quarterback.  I don't like the Bronco offensive line and I can't believe that the Lions won't be able to get to Tebow before he can release a pass with his "calander measurable release."  I really think that the Lions should be able to register between 3 and 6 sacks on Sunday.  My only real worry is that they won't be able to contain him in the pocket and he may run for miles.  We'll see.

Detroit 31 Denver 17