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Can Lions avoid losing another bye week?

Delane Rouse/Icon SMI - Charles Rogers...destroyed by the BYE.

The headline of this article is kind of hard to do you "lose" a bye week?  Well, let me tell you that as hard as it sounds, the Lions have done it...multiple times.

Here is a list of some of the things that have happened over the years since the NFL instituted the 17 week season and the "bye."

1. In Charles Rogers rookie season, in which he scored 4 touchdowns in his first two games and just relatively looked Calvin Johnson impressive...Rogers tripped over the 30 yard line during a practice drill in the indoor facility and broke his collar bone.  This was step one in one of the biggest fall from grace in NFL history that didn't involve something called "purple drank."

2. The Lions were 6-3 and riding high in 2007...Shaun "Big Baby" Rogers fell asleep during a meeting and didn't wake up again for over a year and a half--and only then, in a new city.

3.  Roy Williams got in all sorts of public trouble for not tipping pizza guys one year.

4. I may not be remembering this right, but I think Aaron Gibson ate a family of four...

5. Terry Fair supposedly broke his hand falling down his stairs...

The list goes on and on and tend to lend itself to the more and more absurd.  I guess, what I'm trying to say is that the Lions better wrap Matt Stafford in bubble wrap for the next ten days and put Calvin Johnson in a styrofoam-lined box if they want the rest of this year to be safe.

The Lions will open the second half of their season next weekend with a 4:15 game @Chicago...this game will say everything about how we should feel about the rest of the season.  The last time the Lions were 6-2 (I know I've been harping on this, but it's true...) they finished see them win their first game back will relieve a lot of the doubt and tension of long time Lions fans.