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Aaron Rodgers is the New Devil

Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI - Aaron Rodgers is evil on a whole new level.

For years the greatest nemesis in Lions-dom was the foul and nasty Brett Favre.  He won for 20+ years against the Lions....there was no silver bullet for that guy...oh, they beat him like two or three times in that twenty years, but for the most part, the Lions could not stop him..and he could do no wrong.

Favre's only weakness was his own ego.  If a team could manage to get him down more than two touchdowns, the old man would press and that underlying gunslinger would come out and he'd throw a couple of team killing interceptions.

But for the better part of the nineties and early 2000's, the guy played at a level much higher than the rest of the league.  He played mistake free...made impossible passes...and the Packers were perennial playoff contenders...heck, they pretty much ruled the NFC North for his entire reign of evil.

Of course now the "good ol' boy" from Kiln is gone...he's been gone from the Packers for a while now...and Aaron Rodgers just didn't seem to throw the fear of God into your average Lions fan...until now.

He is now the first QB in NFL history to go eight games with a 110+ QB rating...he's won 14 games in a row...he looks to be playing at a level even greater than the Devil who wore #4...and he's got me really, really nervous.  Rodgers appears to have no fact, it's been so long since he's had a bad game, one begins to wonder if he even has a weakness at all.

Yes, the Lions did manage to beat the Packers last year after knocking him out of the game.  In that game, the Lions still only managed to win a 7-3 defensive snoozefest...the following week the Packers lost to the Patriots and haven't lost since...

So apparently the only weakness is that he can be concussed.  Or perhaps that he is apt to leave the pocket and try to run for extra yardage. 

This might be the Lions only chance...Rodgers, from all evidence to this point, has proven to actually be human...although I have begun to grow some doubts...and that means that his body and bones can be broken by the likes of Ndamukong Suh, Kyle VandenBosch, Cliff Avril, Corey Williams, and Nick Fairly...maybe even Willie "Mad Man" Young.

Here's hoping, we only have a few weeks to prepare...