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Lions look unstoppable in completely meaningless game

Photo By Clint Davis

Seriously, please don't go all gaga over this game.  Yes, they looked good.  Yes, Stafford to Johnson looked unstoppable.  Yes, they picked off the first pass of Andy Dalton's career.  Yes, a 34-3 smack down on any professional football team should be impressive.


But in this case, it's not.


It was game one of the preseason against a rookie quarterback throwing to a rookie wide receiver in a meaningless game against a team that looks like it'll be downright awful.


Truthfully, the Lions were supposed to look this good.


Do you remember 0-16?  What was our preseason record that year?  That's right 4-0.  It is so meaningless that people should get fines for talking it up.


So what can we take away from this game?


Stafford stayed healthy.  Calvin Johnson got nicked up a bit, but would play if the games were real next week.  Gosder Cherilus played, which is really good since he's still recovering from microfracture surgery on his knee.


On the whole the Lions had no major injuries which is a big, big plus.


What else can we take away from this game?  The Lions do not have a short yardage back.  The Bengals are awful and the trifecta of Jerome Harrison, Mike Bell and Ian Johnson all looked subpar.


"Mad" Willie Young looks like a downright beast.  I hope the Lions can figure out a way to keep him.  They have a huge logjam of players on the DL and cuts will be very hard to make at the end of training camp, here's hoping they find a spot for this up and coming play maker.


 S Amari Spievey was all over the field and making a ton of tackles.  He could be a real player this season. 


What does all of this good news mean?  Still nothing.  Let's see what they do against Cleveland in the battle of Lake Erie.