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Stafford: Lose the glove! Lions lose, set history ball rolling

Icon SMI - Hey Matt, this is Titus...hes wide open when youre throwing into triple coverage.

The Lions blamed the wind.  The announcers for the game never mentioned the wind as being a problem.  Jay Cutler didn't seem to have that many issues with the wind.

Cutler didn't throw four interceptions.  Stafford did.

Stafford has a broken index finger on his throwing hand...Cutler doesn't. Stafford was wearing a glove for the first time to somehow protect that finger...

As a fan, I think "the wind excuse" in Chicago is only used by morons (I'm looking at you Marty Mornhinweg.)

If Stafford can't throw in the wind...he'd have never made it out of high school.  It is my personal opinion that the finger bugged him a much so, that he didn't really WANT to take off the glove.

I do understand why the organization would be so insistent on blaming the wind...instead of just putting a big target on the franchise's biggest asset.

Here are some other things that really, REALLY bugged me about this game.

1. How is Calvin Johnson's first fumble not voided by Julius Peppers' blatant clothesline and head tackle?  If Suh does that to anybody you know there'll be yellow flying.  Heck, if Suh eats too much garlic and breathes next to a QB's head he gets called for something.  This set the tone for the entire chippy fiasco that this game was.

2. Why is Stafford still playing in the fourth quarter after throwing FOUR interceptions?  Put Shaun Hill in.  You're not going to win this game and if Stafford really is injured, why keep him in there to get pummeled and possibly injured worse?

3. Stafford should have been thrown out too.  That was a punk move pulling DJ Moore down by his head.  I lost a little respect for him as I repeatedly watched that replay.

4. Stafford has an awesome report with Megatron...but, dude, you have a ton of other weapons and the ball was routinely forced into Johnson when multiple other options were WIDE OPEN.  I understand forcing it in to Calvin...throw it up high where only he can get it...this is a strategy that should work...but it's even easier to complete passes to players that aren't covered at Titus Young in the endzone.  This is an issue that is typical of rookie quarterbacks...which I guess, since Stafford just managed to finish only his sixteenth career game...maybe we should still consider him a rookie.

5. If the wind really was that atrocious...the Lions needed to force the run.  Morris and Kevin Smith (yeah, he's weird is that?) managed some decent runs.  At 20-6, the Lions were definitely still in the game...pick six, pick six...34-6...not so much. 

6. Never kick it to Devin Hester.  Ever.

7. Peppers might just be in Stafford's head. 

8. Burleson needs to be targeted more often.  He runs with a lot of determination...but he needs to hold on to the damn ball.

9. Suh needs to quit pushing people down after the whistle.  Fairly shouldn't have been called for anything when he followed through with the play and landed on Cutler...but the refs are looking at anything and everything the Lions do...and their itching to keep adding to the "Bad Boys" image.

10. Schwartz needs to start reigning the guys in now.  This overly aggressive play, while fun to watch and easy to cheer for, is getting the team in trouble...and he also has to start muzzling the players that won't keep their mouths shut--talking trash when you're down by 30 points is a sure sign of a loser.

11. I've already talked about my fan superstitions in regards to the last time the Lions were 6-2 and finished 7-9...the Lions haven't given me any reasons to change my mind.  I'm thinking 8-8 and out of the playoffs.  Please guys, prove me wrong.