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Suh stomps Lions chances at win; playoffs too probably

MSA/Icon SMI - Suh may as well have stomped on the whole season.

It has taken me more than three days to get over that Thanksgiving day travesty of a game.  If you ate dinner really early and were in a Turkey coma or you were nursing a monster hangover and missed it...

I can't go on...there's no way anybody missed the monster-epic-massive contest between the 10-0 Green Bay Packers and the 7-3 upstart Detroit way...which means that you saw what happened--all was revealed to you...

Ndamukong Suh has issues.  Perhaps, deep seated psychological issues.

The Lions were not winning.  They went into the half down only 7-0 to the undefeated defending Super Bowl Champs...and at the end of the first half, it really looked like they were finally applying pressure to the latest Darth Vader of the NFL, Aaron Rodgers.

The offense, despite some wretched throws by Stafford, had consistently moved the ball against the Packers...although they had been unable to come away with any points...mostly because of drive stalling penalties and a missed Jason Hanson field goal...not because the defense was proving good enough to stop them.

It was third down and three at ten yard line (approximately), the Packers had the ball and Rodgers forced an overthrow through the back of the endzone.  The Lions had stopped the mighty Packer offensive juggernaut AGAIN!  Sure, the Pack would most likely kick a field goal and make it a 10-0 lead, but anybody who's watched any Lions football this year knows that they don't even wake up until their at least 17 points down...things were looking up, especially against a defense that was giving up yards like crazy.

And then it happened.  Ndamukong Suh got tangled up with a Packer offensive lineman.  The lineman pulled Suh to the ground and appeared unwilling to let him go...this, in hindsight is called "holding" most of the time...but these are the Lions and they don't get calls like this...furthermore this was probably the fourth or fifth non-called holding on the drive...but whatever...the Packer lineman goes to the ground, dragging Suh with him.  Suh takes offense to this and shoves his head into the ground three times in "an attempt to get up."  Then, when he is finally able to free himself...he lashes out with a foot to kick the downed Packer again.

In truth, this is indefensible. 

But let me try to defend it anyway.  I can see where Suh's frustrations were building.  He, and the rest of the defensive lineman were being mugged--Cliff Avril has been quoted as saying his wallet was stolen by the Packer RT...--and there were no calls.  The defense had played a very good game and only due to a Stafford interception had they given up any points at all...

Most frustrating...but then he blew his top...and may very well have blown the Lions playoff chances this season. 

After the games this past weekend, the Lions went from being the #5 seed--if the playoffs ended today--to out of the playoffs all together.


In a very short 24 hour span, the Lions went from 7-3 and a real contender to talking about what running back they need to draft next April.

First they lost to Green the record is 7-4.  Also, they've lost Suh, for at least two games due to his impending suspension for complete stupidity...during the game they lost Louis Delmas and Chris Houston to injuries (Losing two of your four starters in your secondary the week you go to play the #1 passing offense in the league is not a good plan for success.)  Furthermore, they lost RB Kevin Smith...they're only legitimate running threat since Jahvid Best's concussion...for who knows how long...and then the following day...they put Jahvid Best on the IR...lost for the coming back. 

Atlanta, which holds the tie breaker advantage over the Lions, won also...tying them with the Lions.

Now, with no Suh and two backups in the secondary, the Lions go to New Orleans to play Drew Brees and his band of playmakers.  Not a good, 7-5 probably...and another game back of Atlanta...playoff chances looking really, really slim now.

Furthermore, look at the Lions running back group...Mikel Leshoure-IR, Jahvid Best-IR, Kevin Smith-high ankle sprain, doubtful...yeah, that's about it.  Also, you can't know if Jahvid Best will EVER come back.  He may be forced to retire for his own safety.  Leshoure will have to come back from a torn achilles tendon, which is no gimme by a long stretch...and Kevin Smith, the guy who was out for the better part of two seasons with injuries, came back for one game and then...that's injured.

You see where I'm going here....

Such a sad end to such a promising year...and there's still more than a month to go.

With the 15th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select....Running Back from...