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Lions heading into a buzz saw

Zuma Press/Icon SMI - Drew Brees is the last guy the Lions needed to see this week

Ndamukong Suh stomped and was given a two game he appealed and because he really did stomp on the Green Bay offensive lineman, really did lie about whether or not he really meant to do it, and made himself sound like a thug and a moron later...even though he apologized via...Facebook...he is still suspended for two games.  Suh's play has been encouraging and team strengthening and nobody ever complained about it (except the other team) unless he got called for a penalty and hurt the team...but now he has REALLY hurt his team.  The Lions need these next two wins really bad...and he will not be able to help them.

So the Lions will be without their best defensive player on a week they are scheduled to travel down to New Orleans to fight the number one passing offense--which is pretty hard to believe after seeing how well the Packers throw it.  Not only will Suh be absent...but there's a pretty good chance that the Lions will also be without starting safety Louis Delmas and starting corner Chris Houston...that bodes well for them as they'll watch Drew Brees drop back fifty times and tear them apart.

Which is even worse as the Lions have almost fallen out of the playoff race and desperately need this win.  The Lions are currently 7-4 and behind a boat load of tie breakers held by Atlanta and Chicago. 

To further add to the Lions woes.  This past week they had to place RB Jahvid Best on the IR.  Kevin Smith, Best's temp stand in, had a high ankle sprain and could only practice for about twenty minutes this they Lions went out and hot another old Lions castoff...which is a unique idea in and of it's own right...and signed Aaron Brown to take the reigns for the time being.

Now, it is really interesting that the Lions brought back another guy who couldn't make their team out of training camp...but it's even more disturbing that the Lions decided to go in that direction...None of the castoffs from the other 31 teams was worth a try?  Nobody on a practice squad anywhere?

Is the Lions offense so incredibly hard to learn that they thought only one of their old castoffs would be able to pick it up quick enough to contribute this week?  That must be a really complicated offense...

New Orleans Offense vs Detroit Defense

How much more do I have to say? The Lions' secondary was never exactly the Lions big strength to begin with, but without the pressure and attitude that Suh's even less of a strength.  Add to that the loss of two of their four starters...against Drew Brees...

Here's hoping that Nick Fairly can come through and apply some massive attitude and pressure of his own.  Otherwise...

Advantage: Saints (By an awful lot...)

New Orleans Defense vs Detroit Offense

This will be the first week that Matthew Stafford will stop wearing his glove.  He's been wearing the glove for the last month and the Lions have gone from 5-1 to 7-4...but the broken finger and protective glove had absolutely nothing to do with that...

New Orleans has the 24th ranked defense in the NFL...not all that impressive...but the Lions are playing with only a ghost of a running game and they will definitely be playing from behind all the Saints will be coming after our QB a ton on Sunday night.

I don't think they have anybody that can cover Calvin Johnson and as long as Stafford can regain his accuracy and occasionally remember that he has two other receivers and two tight ends beside Calvin, the Lions offense can move the ball on the Saints.

Advantage: Lions


I'm sorry, but the Lions do not have enough on the defensive side of the ball this week to cope with Drew Brees and his pinball scoring offense.

New Orleans 41 Detroit 24