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Jim...get the gray out...please...


Football is a young man's game.  It is played by brutes of astounding strength and speed with lightning quick reflexes and cold steel determination.

Coaching is not necessarily a young man's game.  It's been coached by lots and lots of really old guys.  Marv Levy coached into his 70's.  Ted Marchibroda coached until he was 75+.  I think Joe Pa is 200 years old...but I'm not sure.  I don't know how to work a calculator.

Jim Schwartz isn't even 45 yet.  That's not a whole lot older than me...and look at him.


What's with the gray streak?  I mean...he's not that old man!  He looks like a cross between Jensen Ackles and a skunk. 

Schwartz has always portrayed himself as the young, cool rock and roll guy...this skunk look is not doing it for him.  He may be putting together a playoff team...but he apparently isn't looking in a mirror that often.

This is a young team, with a young energetic coach who listens to heavy metal and has an economics degree from Georgetown.  He has learned at the right side of Bill Belichek and Jeff know, Jeff Fisher the cool guy with the great coiffed hair...and sun glasses.  Belichek may rock the hoodie...but he ain't gray...

What's happening here, Jim?  We all know you're better than this.  Heck, we've seen it on the field.  You're a smart dude who demands respect and starting to look like a skunk...please Jim. 

A little "Just for Men"?  Do it for the fans.