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Lions Defense Misses Team Bus to Packers Game, Lions lose 5th Seed

MSA/Icon SMI - This is not Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers or even Bart Starr...its Matt Flynn and just destroyed the Lions defense

With 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter at Lambeau, it occurred to me that Matthew Stafford had never lost at his whole career...of course, he'd never played there before either.  He'd been hurt in both of the Lions previous games at Lambeau Field.

And for a moment, despite the fact that the Lions defense may have played better if they didn't even show up at the game, may have played better if they'd played blindfolded, may have played better if they'd played with all of their shoelaces tied together... I thought that maybe the Lions could start a new streak...a new tradition...maybe the Packers would have to deal with Stafford slapping them silly every year for the next fifteen years...

I thought that this was a special year.  The streaks WOULD end!  The Lions would could they not?  The Packers were playing with second and third stringers.  The Lions were playing against the same Matt Flynn that could only manage a field goal in the game he was forced into last season when the Lions were able to knock Rodgers from the game with a concussion.

Aaron Rodgers sat this game out.  Clay Matthews sat this game out.  Charles Woodson sat this game out. 

And still...the Lions...frankly...simply....just blew it.

The Lions started the game off with a touchdown and a safety....they were spotted a 9-0 lead...and they still managed to lose 45-41.  That means, from the middle of the first quarter on....the Lions were outscored 45-32...

If the Lions couldn't manage to beat the Packers second string...maybe they don't really even belong in the playoffs. 

So now, instead of probably facing the Giants next weekend..the Lions will travel to play the New Orleans Saints--where they have not lost all season.  Where Drew Brees can pretty much walk on water this season.  The word "Doomed" comes to mind...  Only a crazy person would expect the Lions be able to get their second playoff win in 55 years next week...

Now, the game wasn't all bad...just all bad defensively...Stafford managed to throw for 520 yards and 5 TD's...of course he also threw two very costly interceptions, but still 500+ yards is pretty damned impressive.  244 of those yards went to Calvin Johnson. 

Of course that means that Stafford threw for a Lions record 5,038 yards this season (the previous all time record before the aforementioned Brees shattered it this year) was 5,085 yards by Dan Marina.  He also threw for a Lions record 41 TD's this season...

And Stafford still didn't even make the probowl.