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The Kong is getting a bad rep

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This is Ndamukong Suh's second year in the league--and it hasn't even really started yet.  He's already been fined by the league on three different occasions for "overly aggressive" behavior.


Last year, in the Cleveland Browns preseason game, he actually tried to physically rip Jake Delhomme's head from his shoulders...I could see that fine...that made sense.  Quarterbacks need their heads.


The second time, Suh pushed---seriously, he just PUSHED--Jay Cutler out of bounds and he got a fine...This I completely did not, if a quarterback is running away from you, you can't do anything to stop them?  He wasn't out of bounds...this was stupid.  Now, granted, Suh works out by bench pressing automobiles so when he nudged Mr. Cutler, he actually FLEW out of bounds...but that's still football.  There are no rules about how hard you can push.


This last time, Suh was fined $20K for pushing Andy Dalton down to hard on the field of hard his helmet popped off.


More than anything, I am worried that the NFL is now watching Suh all the time.  He is a target, like Rodney Harrison and Mark Carrier used to be labeled as "dirty players" and routinely collected fines and penalties.


And that's the real problem with me as a fan....not the fines...he's getting $60 million...he can afford's the penalties that hurt.  The fifteen extra yards at inopportune times that the team cannot afford to give up.


Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see Suh lose any of his determination and aggressiveness...I just don't want to see any more yellow flags...