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Marty Mornhinweg up for Raiders job

Scott Wachter/Icon SMI - Mornhinweg got a bad rap...and that rap was Matt Millen.

In the history of the Detroit Lions not a single person who has held the position of "Head Coach" has ever left the organization and been able to take the same position with another NFL organization.

In other words, not a single Lions head coach has ever done the job well enough that another team thought maybe they could do it for other words, the Lions have always had awful head coaches.

In this year of the Lions assault on "streaks" (ie winning on the road in the division, finally achieving a winning record, ending the playoff lapse, etc) may just extend to the "the Lions head coaching position is where coaches go to die" streak.

This week, former Lions HC Marty Mornhinweg will be interviewed by the Oakland Raiders new General Manager Reggie McKenzie as a candidate for the Raiders opening.

Mornhinweg put together a 5-27 record before being fired after the 2002 season. Since that embarrassment, he has spent the past nine seasons as an offensive assistant with the Eagles, including the past six as offensive coordinator.

Of all the coaches that have donned Honolulu blue and walked headlong into the insanity and oblivion of coaching the Leos, I think Marty Mornhinweg got the rawest deal and is most deserving of another gig...even more than Steve Mariucci.

Mariucci had a much larger say in what kind of players he got.  He was the favored coach of the worst GM in professional sports history...Mariucci had Millen's ear.  Two years before, when Millen first got the gig hired Mornhinweg as a "Marriucci-lite" and then forced all of his horrible decisions on him.

Marty probably had a say during his fist season--that draft produced both Jeff Backus and Dominic Raiola--but when he lost 13 in a row and finished 2-14...saddled with Charlie Batch, Ty Detmer, Johnnie Morton and James Stewart...he apparently lost all credibility with Millen.  The next draft...he got stuck with Joey "Blue Skies" Harrington, when he wanted CB Quentin Jammer...and it all just kept going down hill...

And then Mariucci became available and Marty was quickly shown the door...

But if you go back and look at the statistics...Marty--with players he didn't want--put up better offenses than Mariucci who had picked his own guys...although they were both stuck with Joey...

The only black marks on Mornhinweg's resume is his two year hell under the ironfisted numbskull rule of Matt Millen...oh...that and taking the wind instead of the ball after winning an overtime flip in Chicago...I'm sure that after eight years of usually very succesful season and the resurection of Micheal Vick and the creation of Kevin Kolb...he's probably learned better what to do if he manages to win the coin flip...