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"Best Player Available" and Why do they even play the Pro Bowl?

Lee Coleman/Icon SMI - The Lions are lucky, the BPA will be Quinton Coples

Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz have espoused to a long term team building plan which will never subjugate team needs to overt talent.  This is the primary reason that Nick Fairly wears a Lion on his helmet and Prince Amukamara does not. 

As the Lions went into the draft last year, they had an incredibly glaring need at cornerback...there were two "sure-fire" shutdown corners in last year's draft, Amukamara and Patrick Peterson.  The Lions had to hold their breath until their pick hoping that one of the two would miraculously fall to them...To their great relief Amukamara was there when the Lions came up on the clock...but so was Nick Fairly...whom the Lions had higher on their boards, even though he would strengthen a position that was arguably the strongest on the team...and yet still they skipped out on Amukamara and put in the card for Fairly...

So now we he head toward another draft and it would seem a little farfetched that they won't continue with the BPA scenario. Watching the Senior Bowl this past weekend, let's hope that miraculously DE Quinton Coples will fall through the cracks based on some nonsense about "work ethic" or "possible character issues."

DE Quinton Coples: Coples is tall and rangy and fast.  He looked out of place at the Senior Bowl...he looked more like he should be in the ProBowl.  He is the prototype for the new powerful, "Julius Peppers-type" end that will grow into the rage in the league.  Guys like Osi Umenyiora and Peppers and Justin Tuck...He is a worthy top of the first round talent.

LB Zach Brown: Brown is a bit on the lighter side, but incredibly fast and quick in short areas.  However, he looked a little out of control.  He missed several tackles and overran quite a few plays.  The Lions are in dire need of fast disciplined linebackers who will be sound in their assignments.  Now it is up to the scouts and the coaching staff to find out in interviews if he can be coached out of the tendencies he showed in Mobile.

CB Janoris Jenkins: Jenkins is tall and fast and great cover corner.  He would be a great pick for the Lions at 23 if he falls there...that is if he is well past his past poor decision-making.  The same poor judgement that got him kicked out of Florida and netted him two marijuana possession chargers.  Marijuana + Lions = Not gonna happen again...

OT Mike Adams: Adams missed most of his senior season due to injuries, but he came to play at Senior Bowl week.  He played very well against Coples and everyone else.  He had a great game and from reports a great week.  If Adams falls to 23, the Lions should take a little time to consider if they want to pick up the successor to Backus now.

OT Zebrie Sanders: Sanders, according to reports, had a great week, but that didn't show in the game.  He looked slow and will most likely, at best, be a starting RT in the NFL.  I'd be surprised to see the Lions take a run at Sanders, unless he shows incredible abilities at the Combine and his personal workouts, he appears to be a downgrade from Gosder Cherilus.

CB Brandon Boykin: Boykin looked fast, but small.  He appeared to be an adequate nickel back...I wouldn't take him in the first round.

Why do they even play the ProBowl?

I watched...five minutes...maybe...of the ProBowl...and if I could, I'd sue the NFL to somehow try and get those minutes back.  The game is a farce.  There is no pass rush...nobody wants to put forth any effort at all.  I don't care who won.  It wasn't a game...

The game would be much better served if they just brought back all sorts of positional competitions and then just ran 7 on 7 drills for the game.  Seriously, there'd be more drama and excitement if it was "Who's the strongest man in the NFL?" or "Who's the most accurate quarterback?"  or "Who's the fastest man in the NFL?"