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Holding? The NFL should drop it.

Zumapress/Icon SMI - Giants Center got to hold Lombardi after getting called for the only holding call...

Hey NFL, why don't you just admit that nobody knows how or when or maybe even why to call a holding penalty?  It's a farce.  The only logical thing to do is either drop it as a penalty or admit that the NFL and the referees have a free hand in determining who they want to win any game played.

Seriously, the refs cannot EVER call it consistently.

In the playoffs this year the the lack of holding calls has been prominent, especially in a league that has mostly forsaken the run game for the passing game.  If teams are passing upwards of 50 times a game, where are all the holding calls?  How are we watching legitimately fair games played by the rules if the refs are cherry-picking when they call "Holding?"  It begs the question, "Are these games on the level?"

Over the last 20-30 years the league has consistently done everything in it's power to increase scoring and the excitement of the passing why don't they just go that extra step, quit the charade and just strike "Holding" from the rule books?  They're not calling it anyway, and they're certainly not calling it why allow there to be any lingering doubt over the legitimacy of the game?

Striking holding will allow for much more fervent and effective protection of the million dollar QB assets that the league has also blitzkrieg'ed rule after rule to protect.  Furthermore, it'll allow for more time in the pocket, allowing for more completed passes, and more scoring...the Holy Grail for TV ratings and a large percentage of fans.

The way it is called now is not fair, if you're not going to be fair, be not fair to everybody...that's somehow...kind of...fair? 

Frankly, throwing out holding will penalize teams that have been built on defense, which will further the road down offense only football...which is really what the league seems to want.  Maybe someday soon the league will get rid of defense all together and...then get rid of the offensive lineman, because obviously you won't need them anymore...just quarterbacks and receivers...but they can get rid of receivers too if they just put targets out on the field...then it'll just be quarterbacks...and the scoring will go crazy're right, that's stupid...but then so is only calling a very debilitating penalty when the refs feel like it.