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What to expect in the Great Lakes Classic...

This is the trophy...told you I wasnt making it up.

The year the Ford's gave Matt Millen an extension instead of the boot after another dismal, disgusting showing, I decided I was giving up on the Lions. 

No longer would they hold this nasty mystical possession of my soul.

Nope, I was going to throw my fanaticism and karmic flow behind another organization...preferably one with Cheerleaders.

So after a painstaking pairing down process I was left with two likely contenders for my fandom....The Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns.

And I chose the Browns...why?  I abandoned the cheerleader rule for the Browns....because I really liked what they were doing at the time.  I loved Joe Thomas and thought Brady Quin would be decent.  I liked Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr...and they were the Lions...with just more boring colors...

And it lasted all of maybe one game...those teams were awful...just like the Lions...and I crawled back to the pathetic I knew instead of the disgusting I couldn't stomach.

And so tonight the Lions play the Browns in the yearly Great Lakes Classic...winner gets the Edmund Fitzgerald Trophy (I'm not making this up.)

Five things to watch...

1.  Most important for every game ever for the Lions...keep Stafford standing.  Keep the Franchise alive and there's a chance for greatness.

2. Who's playing cornerback?  Both Eric Wright and Chris Houston are game time decisions.  Alphonso Smith is still out...who's going to be out there?  Pylons?

3. Do any of the running backs not named "Best" look like they can play...or more importantly pick up a tough yard.

4. Is Amari Spievey still looking like a world beater at safety?  Dude looked really good in week one.

5. Are the Lions stopping the run?  Peyton Hillis is the Browns only really effective weapon.  If Hillis is stopped, it'll most likely mean that the Lions linebackers are all getting on the same page.

Enjoy the game and write the Lions to try and get cheerleaders.