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Lions come from behind in second completely meaningless game!

Willie Young is a beast

Forgive me if I can't even be the least bit excited that the Lions fourth stringers were able to come back and beat the Browns' fourth stringers for a 30-28 victory.  Ninety five percent of all the participants that made the outcome of this game possible will not be on an NFL roster in two more weeks.

And the whole 2-0 thing?  Come back in a month and let me know what their record is, because four years ago I watched the Leo's rack up a most impressive 4-0 preseason record...only to follow that up with the NFL's first 0-16 season.

So...I will not be attending any parades over the Lions ability to keep the Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial trophy with their second straight victory in the Great Lakes Classic.

Here's what I took away from the game.

1. Matthew Stafford has learned to throw the ball into the stands when being flushed out of the pocket...he did it a lot, with style even on Friday night.  This typically saved him a sack and a yard or two of field position...but did kind of deflate his completion percentage.

2.  Nate Burleson may have a future as a balarina.  That's two weeks in a row he's caught touchdowns while barely tapping his toes in bounds.  Most impressive.

3.  S. Amari Spievey still looks awesome.  He's everywhere, making tackles all over the field and it got me to wondering...where the heck has his partner in crime been for the last two weeks?  I can't recall ever hearing an announcer mention that S Louis Delmas has done anything yet.  He's supposed to be the potential all pro safety...

4.Somebody needs to see if "Mad" Willie Young can play against the real players, you know the ones that'll still be playing in a month...because he is eating up this camp fodder he's been playing against.

5.  The vaunted Lions defensive front four looked pretty...well "not vaunted."  The Browns, who I frankly don't think are an all world team, were able to put up 21 points in the first half on them.  This all led by Colt McCoy, who a lot of people were figuring wouldn't be around for the Browns again this year...due to a less than stellar freshman year in the NFL.

Maybe the Browns do have a QB of the future in McCoy, or maybe the Lions are back to their age old tradition of making every quarterback they face Hall of Fame worthy.