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What happened to Louis Delmas?

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So as I read through the gamebook I downloaded of last Friday night's game against the Browns a few things kind of popped out at not showing up in the stats.


As I rewatched the game, something else became exceedingly clear by it's extreme lack of....being there at all.


Where was Louis Delmas?  Now, I know that Amari Spievey is lighting it up this preseason.  He seems to be everywhere...but he is not alone in deep middle of the field.


Delmas is supposed to be back there too.  And he recorded 0 tackles, 0 passes broken up, 0...anything....but he was in the starting lineup....I checked that to make sure he wasn't a late scratch or something...Nope, he was there and on the field even.


So I dug up last week's gamebook and you know what Delmas' line was? 2 tackles and 1 assisted tackle....not fact I think I remember a game where a hot dog vender at the Silverdome recorded an "assist" by being unusually loud during a play where a running back tripped over his own shoe laces.  Anybody can register an assist.


Louis Delmas is supposed to be the Lions "secret" weapon.  He has played lights out for two years...granted, he hasn't picked off a whole lot of passes, but he's usually everywhere, making hits, causing fumbles, recovering fumbles, leading a secondary...even when there really wasn't anybody to lead...


And this year....I hope he comes back soon...because if Spievey can keep it up and Delmas can come back to form, people won't just be talking about the front four anymore.